NGSE Mains Model Question Papers 2024 NGSE 4th Class to 12th Sample Questions Papers

NGSE National Genius Search Foundation Finding out the Children’s Intelligence Level and the Examining the Genius by Talent so Conducting National Genius Search Examination 2024, Every Year Class IV to XII and NGSE Exam Conducting in this year of 2024, So NGSE-1 4th, to 12th, Prepared Candidates Download the Previous Years Question Papers Details and Latest Model Question Papers Details and Class wise Syllabus Details is Mathematics and English syllabus Rational Numbers Rational Numbers / Quadrilaterals / Practical Geometry Practical Geometry / Handling Data Handling Data / Squares and Square Roots Squares and Square Roots / Linear Equations in One Variable Linear Equations in one Variable / Cubes and Cube Roots Cubes and Cube Roots / Comparing Quantities Comparing Quantities / Algebraic Expressions and Identities Algebraic Expressions and Identities / Solid Shapes Solid Shapes / Menstruation / Exponents and Powers Exponents and Powers / Direct and Inverse Proportions Direct and Inverse Proportions / Factorization Synthetic Fibers and Plastics Synthetic Fibers and Plastics / Crop Production and Management Crop Production and Management / Microorganisms / Coal and Petroleum Coal and Petroleum / Combustion and Flame Combustion and Flame / Conservation of Plants and Animals Conservation of Plants and Animals / Cell Structure and Functions Cell Structure and Functions / Reproduction in Animals Reproduction in Animals / Metals and Non-Metals Metals and Non-Metals / Graphs / Reaching the age of Adolescence Reaching the age of Adolescence / Force and Pressure Force and Pressure / Friction / Light and Sound Light and Sound / Chemical Effects of Electric Current Chemical Effects of Electric Current / Natural Phenomena Natural Phenomena / Stars and the Solar System Stars and the Solar System / Pollution of Air and Water / General Knowledge on Science General Knowledge on Science Subjects Papers and Sample Questions papers Details is Given Below and NGSE Official website is